Shira’s Family


My name is Shira Ilana Brownstein, I go by Shira, pronounced “Sheer-uh”.  My name is Hebrew for “Song Tree Brown Stone”.  I know…I feel like a Jewish Grandmother Willow.  And I know what you’re wondering…No, my family and I are not hippies.  I am the middle of three girls…Naomi, 24, and Rachel, 16.   Naomi got married in 2010 and currently lives in North Carolina, getting her PHD in Bio-statistics.  Rachel is a high school junior and when she’s not at school, she’s either doing Tae Kwon Do (almost a 2nd degree black belt), tutoring or pretty much being my amazing nurse/best friend.  My sisters are EVERYTHING to me.  It’s so nice to know whenever I’m sick I can come relax at home and my family will always be there for me.   My parents, Patti and Fred, have been married over 25 years and are still crazy for each other.  Patti is a GED teacher and works full-time, then comes home and teachers private piano and clarinet lessons as well as accompanying for local band, chorus, or ceremonial events.  After a hard day of work, she still manages on ending her day with dinner on the table and a smile.  We may not always get along, and she may lack some common sense every now and then, but I sure love my mommy 🙂  My dad is great.  Although sometimes he embarrasses me when he walks around in his super short shorts when my friends come over, he is such a hard worker, and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t live such the fortunate life I have.  He’s been in the ARMY since before my sisters and I were born and is currently a Lieutenant Colonel.  When he’s not away on duty, he works as an operating room nurse at our local hospital.



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