Great commercial!!

If this commercial doesn’t make you smile, forgive me!  Nothing makes me happier than to see my pets smile, but to see these dogs…priceless.  So cute!

This is one of my dogs, Dolly.  She smiles too 🙂 Especially during her bath!


Beauty and The B*tches

THAT should be this seasons subtitle for The Bachelor!  This is the first season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette that I’ve watched from the very beginning.  Although, the only reason I started watching this season is because of the clip they showed on The Soup.

Yea, I thought Joel McHale was spot on with his accent and the montage of him recalling his previous experience was a LITTLE over the top, but when I saw the vampire model….I HAD to see what that was about. 

"The Vampire Model"

So after watching the first 4 episodes of this season of ABC’s The Bachelor, I’ve come to a few conclusions…

ONE- I am SUCH a sucker for people finding and creating their own love story and that is why I, and so many other people, LOVE it.
TWO- I’m pretty sure part of the application process requires you to write your biggest fear.  For instance, in this weeks episode, Chantal goes on a one-on-one date with Brad.  On the date, he flies her to a romantic island and tells her she’s going to walk on the ocean floor.  Sounds like a blast to me!  But wait…Chantal admits to the camera, “I am terrified of ocean water.”  (Really? Water? I understand Sharks, but water?? That’s like saying you have a fear of saline.)  In this same episode, when black-eyed Michelle is given a chance to go on a one-on-one date she is flown to a roof of an extremely high building in the city.  Brad points down to the pool on the first floor and tells her, “That’s where we are eating dinner.”  Michelle, of course, is afraid of heights and almost refuses to repel off the building.  Brad eventually convinces her to do it and they conquer their fears together.  These are just two cases proving my point, so maybe next week we will see yet another woman face her biggest fear.  **Crossing my fingers for The Bachelor goes Fear Factor!!
THREE- My friend Jackie and I have this running joke that I am applying to be on this show one day.  It’s half a joke, but half  not.  I’d do it!  My thing is, I look at the girls who do NOT get chosen at the end, after already going on amazing dates with the bachelor, and I wonder…How is any other date going to compare after you have a private concert with Train? Or have a private jet come pick you up?  I have got to find men not from Tallahassee…[ To the men out there: I’m Jewish and love to travel to tropical places 😉 ]

Overall, I must give ABC’s The Bachelor a 6/10
It airs Monday nights on ABC at 8pm



I will be the first to admit to anyone, I absolutely LOVE this show!  It has everything I look for in a reality TV show…transformation, elimination, cat fights, tears, and pain.  This EXTREMELY controversial new E! reality competition is just like any normal reality television show…contestants live in a house together, competing to win the grand prize…EXCEPT, the grand prize and the winner each week receives a plastic surgery of their choice.  This manipulating “drama” is almost a combination of The Swan and Survivor….except the only thing they have to survive is the cattiness of the other girls.  Throughout the season you see one girl go home each week, as the ladies go through wedding challenges to be one step closer to having their dream wedding.   Shanna Moakler hosts the show, and although she does a decent job at it, I still can’t forget about her over publicized on again off again marriage, and divorce with Travis Barker from Blink 182.  But, Bridalplasty is hosted by former beauty queen Shanna Moakler… Isn’t that a little odd…wouldn’t it be more appropriate if she hosted You’ll still need those surgeries after your divorce, instead?  E!, I think I just got you a sequel! 

But with only the finale left to air, I definitely suggest if you have free time and want to be amused by some interesting characters, watch this.  I give Bridalplasty a 8.5/10 for creativity alone.  Airs on E! Sundays at 9pm

The following video shows one of the most entertaining challenges the brides to be were faced with.

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