Quit ya bitchin’!

We all have one of those days where everything seems to be going the opposite of how we want it.  So, we go Tweet or post a status on Facebook, hoping someone comments making our day better and venting a little to get out our frustrations.  On the other hand, for those of us who are trying to stay positive throughout the day and manage to see a whiny post…it comes to that point in time where we just think, “Really…shut up….”

For those readers who are up to date on my current health situation, you know I took this semester off to take care of my health issues, spending 2011 so far between doctors and traveling to and from Shands Children’s Hospital in Gainesville,FL.  I’ve come to realize as much as my life isn’t the most amusing right now, I certainly know I definitely have had it worse before and there are others out there who would be lucky to feel how I do at the moment.  A year ago, I had 2 tubes sticking out of my stomach to feed me.  So when I see a status like one of these…ugh.  The following statuses are some reasons why people get put on limited profile.

One of the comments said, “It gets better I promise, teenage years are the worst ever.  But then, the world is your oyster!”

Yea, worst Friday ever!  Ughhh…not like I spent my 21st birthday in the hospital getting surgery.

I’m so glad you could update us between your 5 seconds of breathing.  Thank you.

The above two statuses are from the same person… Maybe you should smoke off your frustrations instead of posting on Facebook.  (I am in no way condoning smoking…please don’t smoke!)

This user proceeded by posting her ER discharge summary which stated instructions to take “Tylenol”.  Maybe if you didn’t go to a hospital unless it was medically necessary, you would appreciate them a little more.

And my TOP “Quit ya bitchin’!” status documented so far is…

To those of you who may have seen your status on here and have been offended, all I have to say is… Quit ya bitchin’!  Oh, and thank you for your entertainment. 🙂

With Love,



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