Snail Mail? What’s that?

Having a lot of free time, I decided I wanted to send Valentines cards out to my friends.  Although this isn’t something I’ve done since middle school, not only would it make me happy by bringing back old memories, but who wouldn’t smile when they see a cute little Valentines card from a good friend?  Other than those who are dealing with bad break ups, but hopefully they’ll at least appreciate my Valentines thoughts.

And as I was writing these letters I realized a few things.  First, I felt a overwelming sort of happiness from just telling a friend a story or reminiscing on an old memory.  It made me so incredibly happy writing an actual letter.  Secondly, my hands started hurting REAL bad!  So I took a break…hahah.  Third, the last time I wrote letters like this was in elementary school where we had to send our pen pals in other classes notes. 

Why can’t we bring this back?  As much as I love email, the web, Facebook, and the immediacy of the technology…the personal letter writing seems so much more meaningful.  I think about old stories of my Dad in the Army or my grandpa’s stories of war, and they always wrote letters.  We would sit by the mail box HOPING for a letter from my dad when he was deployed.  Now…I don’t check the mail because it’s going to be bills.  Well, except for the first of the month, when my disability check comes 😉

 Just something to ponder… 🙂


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