Welcome to my television gossip blog! :D

Turning 21 less than six months ago seems like it would be a wonderful time, unfortunately due to a rare disease called Systemic Scleroderma that I’ve been battling with since I was 13, my health took a turn for the worst this winter and I’ve slowly gone from social butterfly dancing at the country western club and competing at the college level forensics speech and debate tournaments, to hospitalization after hospitalization.  I decided during winter break, when lung transplantation was discussed with multiple doctors, that I needed to take some time and focus on my health.  I dropped my classes, and have been taking it easy in 2011-hoping to get back to my old self soon.  So while I’ve been recovering, (or what I like to called hibernating) I have been watching SO much television and movies!  Wanting to go into entertainment or communications one day, my friend Jackie and I decided, what better way to both entertain people and do what I love then watch all my favorite shows and then blog about them.  So that’s what this blog is about.  When I see a new episode of a tv show, watch a new movie, or catch a glimpse of an interesting story or video, I’ll post it on here and rate it so you can decide if it’s worth your time by actually watching it. Hope you enjoy it and hope it entertains you 🙂


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